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industrial breathing with calendar

industrial breathing with calendar -  Dubai UAE
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industrial breathing with calendar
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  • Model: industrial breathing with calendar
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Tough environments demand tough equipment. The Omni-Vent Series-D Ventilator has no equal. It is MRI-compatible and unaffected by electronic interference. You can use the Omni-Vent Ventilator with complete confidence. Every unit exceeds the requirements of tough military specifications, which include drop testing, hot and cold weather tolerance, and high vibration testing. In addition, each unit is repeatedly subjected to a variety of tests during manufacturing.

The Versatile Omni-Vent Transport Ventilator: Built For Tough Duty, Engineered For High Performance. Whether you use an Omni-Vent Ventilator in an EMS environment or a hospital setting, you’ll discover right away that it’s no ordinary ventilator. Omni-Vent Ventilators were originally designed for military use in the field. This severe testing ground demanded flawless high performance, and the Omni-Vent ventilators delivered. Today, Omni-Vent Ventilators provide superior performance in demanding environments such as magnetic resonance imaging, airmobile operations, emergency medicine, in-house transport and anesthesia. It is much more durable than any other ventilator on the market and comes with a one-year warranty. It’s easier to use, too. The Omni-Vent Ventilator features the lowest gas consumption of any pneumatically powered ventilator while delivering the unique flexibility of volume-constant, time cycled and inspiratory flow variable options. Utilizing a high pressure drive with a high internal resistance to control pressure, the Omni-Vent is considered a non-constant pressure generator. Simultaneously, the ventilator produces a flow pattern that is constant, despite changes in lung mechanics (inspiratory square-wave). In standard use, the Omni-Vent may be used in conjunction with a variety of face masks, cricothyroid tubes, endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes, as well as jet tubes and bronchoscopes. Humidification and air/oxygen blenders may be incorporated as needed. The Omni-Vent Ventilator is designed with internal simplicity to provide reliable performance and ensure easy usage. Quick-connect features give you versatility to meet all clinical needs: • Controlled ventilation • Continuous flow intermittent mandatory ventilation • Constant positive airway pressure • High frequency and jet ventilation Th Omni-Vent Ventilator is adjustable to inspiratory/expiratory ratios that are infinitely variable, and a pressure relief valve allows both the prevention of barotrauma and time-cycled, pressure relieved ventilation.

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