AirFiber 5 (AF5)

New from the company Ubiquiti AirFiber 5 (official model code - AF5) - the creation of on-air Wi-Fi bridge and transmission of data over a distance up to 100 km at a maximum speed of more than 1 GB / s is no longer a problem. To create connections using 5 GHz (more specifically 5.47 - 5.95 GHz), which does not require a license. But if in your area, this frequency greatly "clogged", you can use the device modification -  , which uses a slightly higher frequency range - 5.725 - 6.2 GHz.

The device has a sophisticated system of independent antennas that support 2x2 MIMO technology. In essence it creates two separate channels - one for transmitting and one for receiving data.

For data transmission using FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) mode, TDD (Time Division Duplex), and the company from the company Ubiquiti hybrid mode division multiplexing (HDD), which takes advantage of the mode FDD and TDD. HDD mode is specially designed to get the best rate when you create a connection to several segments of the relay.

It should also be noted that the highest data rate (more than 1 Gbit / sec) can be obtained if the distance between AirFiber 5 to 7 km (this distance may vary depending on the location and installation of the antenna). If the distance is greater, then the transmission rate is slightly reduced.

Frequency range5.47 - 5.95 GHz
Channel bandwidth10/20/40/50 MHz
Maximum throughput1+ GB / s
Maximum range100+ km
Batch capacity> 1 million per second
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port (data port)
  • 1 x 10/100 Ethernet Port (configuration port)
  • 1 x RJ-12, Alignment Tone Port (auxiliary port)
  • Speed ​​data port
  • Port Activity Data
  • Active configuration port
  • Speed ​​configuration port
  • Activity Status configuration port
  • GPS-synchronization
  • modulation modes (0.25x to 4x, 6x, 8x, Overload)
  • Master / Slave
  • connection Status
  • signal level
  • Level Display Display the transmission and reception of the signal (for calibration and alignment)
  • ¼ Rate QPSK xRT
  • ½ Rate QPSK xRT
  • 16QAM MIMO
  • 64QAM
  • 256QAM
Encryption128-Bit AES
error correction


The cyclic prefix1/16 Fixed
Value for Uplink / Downlink Fixed 50%
GPSGPS time synchronization
Dynamic Frequency SelectionCE, FCC / IC
EIRP~ 50 dBm
Frequency Accuracy
  • +/- 2,5 ppm without GPS-synchronization
  • +/- 0,2 ppm with a GPS-synchronization
Dimensions938,4 x 468,4 x 281,4 mm
The weight16 kg (range of mounting fixtures included)
InstallationMast / tube (mount included)
Wind load:863 N @ 200 km / h
Maximum wind speed:200 km / h
Maximum power consumption40W
Source of power50V, 1.2A PoE GigE adapter (included)
power methodPassive PoE (42-58V) 
Power is supplied via the Ethernet (pair 4 and 5 - positive, 7 and 8 - negative)
CertificationsCE, FCC, IC
Operating temperature-40 To 55 ° C
Antenna (built-split antenna):
  • 23 dBi gain
  • antenna beamwidth <6 °
  • the ratio of front-to-back 70 dB
  • double oblique polarization
  • mutual interference cancellation (Cross-Polarity)> 28 dB

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AirFiber 5 (AF5)

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